The Team

Mariana Artusi, Kenyon Weiss and Fernando Zacarias
have been working together as a team since 1994.

They share a common goal and respect for communications and the arts.
Their close friendship enhances their abilities and skills and creates
one final product: an effective, efficient and outstanding communication.
Their background is unique: they come from Argentina, grandsons of
european inmigrants, with an abundance of cultural influences and
a knowledge of languages.

This year a corporation called GIF, located at Norwalk, CT,
invited them to participate in a proyect linked to the Internet.
Since June 5th, 1995, the team has been developing several Web Pages,
combining their knowledge with technology and the permanent development
of HTML Programming.

The Team is available for producing non-commercial end Web Pages
and also is looking for a proposal related to all kind of opportunities
nationally and internationally

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